CSQ 2022 Fall Conference: Age of Consciousness: Questers in Nature

09/16/2022 10:00 AM - 09/18/2022 05:00 PM PT
  • $100.00
Riverside Hall and Community Centre
3784 Trinity Valley Road
Enderby, BC V0E1V5
CONFERENCE DATE: September 16-18, 2022

CONFERENCE VENUE: Riverside Hall & Community Centre, 3784 Trinity Valley Road, Enderby, BC.

REGISTRATION FEE: $100 flat fee. All attendees MUST be a current in good standing CSQ member in order to be able to register online for the conference. Usually we have a non-member fee but this is a transition conference as we get back to normal.  As you can see, we are keeping fees, including camping, as low as possible. If possible, bring a donation for the raffle table. On Sunday, September 18th in the morning and afternoon, we are asking all attendees who wish to do so, to offer to teach and exchange healing modalities that they practice.

MEMBERSHIPS: New members or renewals, please do so before registering online. The system will only allow current in good standing members to register for the conference.

MEAL PACKAGES: $50 flat fee. Meal packages include:
- Sat. & Sun. - 2 breakfasts.
- Fri. & Sat. - 2 dinners/main course only e.g. meat dish/fish. Please bring potluck i.e. appies, salad, veggies, dessert, etc.
- Bring your own lunches.

VENDOR TABLES:  $40 for 1 table or 2 tables for $60. Tables are large.

- $40 flat fee (for up to 4 days). Riverside Hall & Community Centre. Address:  3784 Trinity Valley Road, Enderby, BC. This is a 4 acre campground next to the event venue. Non-hookup campers and tents only.
- OR Sleep Right Inn (only available local motel), $120+tax/night, 606 King Ave, Enderby, BC, (250) 838-9394 (You will need to contact them directly).

For more detailed info. on the conference, please visit the CSQ website:
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