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Membership is open to all with an inquiring mind and whom agree to abide by our Code of Ethics.

Membership in The Canadian Society of Questers is $45 CDN for one year. Welcome!


1. The Canadian Society of Questers (hereinafter referred to as the society) requires of its members that each exemplify the highest standards of integrity and conduct.
2. Members shall refrain from condemnation of other disciplines and practices, e.g.; medicine, philosophy, or politics. They shall strive to serve the best interests of mankind in an unselfish, exemplary manner, thus upholding the reputation of the society.
3. Members shall refrain from making statements, whether published or broadcast by any media, which are exaggerated, denigrating, unfounded or misleading.
4. Membership in the society does not confer a standard of qualification or degree. A member shall not use the name or logo of the society for advertising a product or service, nor as an indication of his or her qualification of proficiency.
5. A member shall be prepared to disseminate his or her knowledge and skill, on request, to a person or persons whose motives are no less than those expressed in the society’s Code of Ethics and its Statement of Purpose.


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